IFALPA's Hall of Fame

The Alpha Omega Club is an independent organization whose sole objective is to promote fellowship and to honour those who have been recognized for exceptional service to the profession of the airline pilot. It is IFALPA's equivalent to a "Hall of Fame". Its main activity is to allow its members to stay in touch with each other via an annual reunion that normally takes place during the Annual Conference.

If you are a member visiting for the first time, please contact [email protected] by email to ask for an account to be created for you. The ability to do this yourself has had to be cancelled because of the large number of fake addresses being registered by robots and spammers - now over 150 a day. Note that the "old" AO site passwords and user names are not valid on this site.  I will create an account for you which will have your normal name (e.g. John Smith) as your user name, including the space. This enables us to distinguish real members from any attempted by spam robots. As only Steve Last checks the registrations and he is not on line 24/7 it may be up to 48 hours before your account is confirmed.      

The Club exists solely as a social group, in which the following members have volunteered to provide an informal organisational structure. Feel free to contact any of the coordinators by clicking on the name, which should open your email software. 

Frank Santoni Paul Rice Dennis Olden Terry Lutz Ted Murphy
Miguel Marin Brian Greeves Stuart Julian Gary Wagner Salvador Gayon
Steve Last        

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