IFALPA's Hall of Fame

Membership information is available in two stages.  

Basic IFALPA award information  - Name, Association, Award and Year of joining Alpha-Omega  - is provided on the Member List. This is public information and can be viewed by anyone. You can choose the order in which these details are sorted - just click on the title of the relevant column.

Members with more than one award (e.g. Scroll of Merit and C.N. Sayen) have the higher award shown, but the date of joining Alpha-Omega is that for the earlier award.

Personal information is provided in the Member Profiles which you fill in for yourself. As this is private infomation only other members will be able to access it. The detailed member profiles may contain personal contact information, so are not visible to members who have not created an account, or anyone else.       

If you haven't already done so, please click on the "Member Profile" menu item and fill in your own Member Profile.

As this is held separately from the basic award information, you will need to fill in the basic information of your name, Association, membership year and award(s) held again. Other details are optional but feel free to add as much as you are comnfortable with - after all, we are friends who know one another.  

If you encounter any problems with the form, please contact [email protected]

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