IFALPA's Hall of Fame

13th April 2013     Dublin

On the evening of the 12th April a discussion was held by a group of A-O members to review the issues to be raised at a meeting to be held with the Pres-IFALPA, Capt Don Wykoff, on the morning of the 13th.   It was agreed that a delegation of Eli Bahat, Dennis Dolan, Bob Tweedy, Steve last and Ted Murphy would meet with Capt. Wykoff and the issues and concerns of the A-O members were identified.

At the meeting on the 14th, Captain Wykoff stated that he considered the A-O Club to be the Federation's “Hall of Fame” and that he would do all he could to support the club.  He stated that he would need to clarify the position of A-O within the Federation with respect to the relevant Canadian/Quebec law on international organisations based in Quebec.   He would discuss this with the Federation's lawyers but thought this would not raise any significant issues.

It was agreed that communications was a very important issue and that A-O should enter into discussion with Valerie McLeod, who is responsible for IFALPA communications, to develop the most effective strategy for A-O.  It was also agreed that the new electronic version of Interpilot Magazine would welcome input from A-O.  In this regard it was noted that Steve Last had been given a collection of old IFALPA newsletters by Laurie Taylor and that they would make a useful source of interesting articles for Interpilot. 

One of the more pressing aspects of A-O communications is to update the present list of A-O members addresses.  Again the IFALPA staff will advise on the best way of doing this.

The registration fee for A-O members to attend conference was discussed.  It was recognised that there was a wide range of participation among those who did attend.  This ranged from those who were there for the whole event, to those who came for the Awards Dinner and the A-O Dinner, to those who came for the A-O Dinner only.  These A-O members were there, usually, at their own expense but a growing number of A-O members were also delegates or had other official functions, e.g. Board Members.    The President agreed that he would re-visit the registration fee for A-O delegates in the light of these points.

It was agreed that a meeting, similar to this one, would be held each year between the Federation and the A-O club.  Matters of concern to either side would be discussed but the main purpose would be to resolve any difficulties in communication or perception betweeen the parties.  This should ensure that the A-O Dinner would devote itself to having an enjoyable time and inducting new members.

Finally, it was agreed that the Federation would support the A-O co-ordinator by waiving their registration fee.

The meeting, which lasted an hour, was adjudged to be very successful by all participants.

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