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Newsletter November 2015

The Alpha Omega Club is enjoying another successful year with very good participation at the Madrid Reunion Dinner and IFALPA Conference.  Our Regional Coordinators have also been very busy updating membership in their areas and contacting individuals we have not heard from in a long time.

Especially noteworthy have been the efforts of Capt. Paul Rice, one of our North American Coordinators.  He, personally, with inputs from his fellow Coordinators has refreshed and updated the North American Alpha Omega membership.  Here is what Paul has discovered:

US Members - contact made:

  • Capt. R.J. Swain UAL, ret. Scroll 2002, have postal and email addresses
  • Capt. Larry J. Farris DAL, ret. Scroll 1992, have postal and email addresses

Returned letters (address unknown):

  • Mr. John J. O’Donnell NWA, ret. Scroll 1982. (Not the former ALPA president of the same name!)
  • Mr. R.J. Campbell AAL, likely ret. Scroll 1970
  • Capt. Raymond H. Young UAL, ret. Scroll 1969
  • Mr. D.L. Cox AAL, likely ret. Scroll 1970 (another American Airlines pilot)

Letter received from widow:

  •  Capt. J.W. Meek DAL ret., Sayen 1976

Canadian member update:

  • Capt. D.L. Dodds, Scroll 1977, deceased
  • RHJ “Reggie” Smith, 1990, deceased
  • Capt. Ronald Macdonald, Scroll 1989, living in England
  • Norman Foster, Scroll 1984 – Has a US address, CALPA is working on contacting him.

No response yet:

  • Tim Foy, Sayen 1969 – No record with CALPA
  • George Laing, Scroll 1978 – No record with CALPA

We have also had updates and corrections from our other Regional Coordinators and the contact information on our website is current with the latest inputs.

Next year, as you know, the Conference will be held in New Orleans from 15 to 18 April. The 71st IFALPA Conference will take place at the Roosevelt New Orleans, a Waldorf Astoria Hotel.  Official IFALPA registration for the Conference will be available later this year or early next year. 

As New Orleans is a very busy city we looked into many venues for our Reunion Dinner. With the help of the North American Coordinators and several other members, we have decided to make a reservation at the Bourbon House, a Dicky Brennan restaurant.  It appears to be a very nice establishment right on Bourbon Street with a private room and only 4 blocks from the hotel.  Details for our April 17th dinner will be provided early next year.

Here are the hotel and restaurant websites:



We are expecting good participation from our members especially from North and Central America.  There are generally good airline connections from most places in the world to New Orleans and we could have as many at the Reunion Dinner as we did in Madrid.

We will not know the number of new members until just before the Conference but anticipate similar awardees as in the past.

New Orleans is a vibrant city that has made a remarkable recovery from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, which was the costliest natural disaster in U.S. history.  There are many things to do in and around the city if you plan on spending extra time in the area. Here is one of several websites with good information:


We are busily engaged in a total refresh of the Alpha Omega website through the efforts of Steve Last, Website and Database Coordinator / Historian.  With the help of IFALPA we hope to see this up and running next year.

We hope to see many of you in New Orleans!!


Frank Santoni

Alpha Omega Coordinator

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