IFALPA's Hall of Fame

by Knut Anfindsen

Alpha Omega – the Club with no rules, no constitution, no budget and no membership dues – does have, however, a loose structure to have come partly out of tradition, partly as a result of discussions and agreement.

Membership is automatically given to all holders of the C. N. Sayen Award and the Scroll of Merit. In addition it has been agreed to accept others as members provided the person has been nominated and seconded – in writing – by other members, the nomination having been presented to all members of the Club, and minimum two thirds of those casting their ballot, approved the nomination. Further it has been agreed that past IFALPA Presidents be offered membership.

Since 1996 the undersigned has taken care of the task of being the Club's "communications coordinator", trying to keep and update "contact detail list" of all members and sending out an Alpha Omega Newsletter three times a year. The fact that most members have e-mail available makes this less strenuous than could have been the case.

Knut Anfindsen

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