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Addition 2 - Eli Bahat

In 2004 Gary Reinke became the Club's coordinator, in charge of administration and communications. The undersigned agreed to help and was appointed A.O.T.K ('Alpha Omega Ties' Keeper').

Over the years a 'tradition' was developed re the Club's Annual Reunion Dinners: The incumbent IFALPA President and the President of the conference host Pilot Association, with their spouses, are formally invited to the Club's Reunion Dinners as guests of honor.

The new awardees with their spouses are also invited and a kind of 'acceptance ritual' is performed ; whereby the awardee is presented to the gathering by the Club's coordinator or by the elder-member present, then the Club's tie is bestowed on him and he has to put it on immediately, completing the procedure by telling a humorous joke/story. Lately most of Club's Reunion Dinners were organized ad-hoc during the IFALPA conferences at their venues.

At the 2006 A-O Dinner (IFALPA 61st Annual Conference, Istanbul, Turkey) a consensus was voiced to promote and upgrade the Alpha Omega Club within the IFALPA official web-site. Pending the approval of the Federation's Executive Board - an enhanced A-O Club chapter will be established including a logo, brief history, space for A-O Newsletter ( info & quarterly correspondence/communication) and the membership list [ this list will be restricted (by code/password) to members and other authorized persons/bodies].

Paul McCarthy, Stu Julian and myself agreed to 'push' this project. Eventually, when this project will be completed and defined procedure(s) will be established between the Club's coordinator and Interpilot House - the Club's running affairs will be done via the Internet. This concept will promote/dignify the A-O Club within IFALPA , make the communications more efficient and economical and improve the Club members awareness to current information.

As of February 2007 - 'The ALPHA OMEGA CLUB' Web Pages have been incorporated in the IFALPA official web site.

Eli Bahat

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