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Our member and old friend Bart Bakker passed away this New Year's day. I am surprised that I had not seen any notice thereof in our emails. A notice of death is now included in the latest (1/2018) issue of Interpilot, but you need to browse through the magazine to find it.

In remembrance of Bart I am posting here for the benefit of those friends who are still not aware of the sad news.

In addition, I am wondering if for a group like ours it would be reasonable to establish some kind of obituary column in recognition of those friends who went on their last voyage.


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Steve Last on Sun, 18/02/2018 - 21:13

Christian, thank you for passing on that information - I certainly wasn't aware of it. Bart was a good friend for many years of and something of a mentor.  I don't have enough information at present but we could certainly put obituaries on the "news" column. I recall being quite shocked when it came up almost in passing I think at the Paris reunion that Reggie Smith had died so if IFALPA had the information about Bart perhaps we can get them to include the AO coordinator in any briefing of that kind. 

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